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Quebec City Convention Centre

The IGU Regional Conference will be held in the Quebec City Convention Centre, which has over the last decade been the site of several international academic conferences and welcomes over 200,000 visitors yearly for national and international events. The Quebec City Convention Centre was recently voted North America’s most sustainable conference centre for its practice of sustainable development. The Quebec City Convention Centre is less than 20 km from the Jean-Lesage International Airport of Quebec City, with direct links to the downtown by bus, taxi and shuttle. Quebec City and the Quebec City Convention Centre are equally accessible by rail and by bus from major North American cities. The Quebec City Convention Centre has more than ample space for more than 30 simultaneous conference presentations and is in close proximity to more than 3,000 hotel rooms. As well, there are numerous restaurants and cafés within minutes of the centre.

Quebec City is an ideal meeting place in regards to the two official languages of the IGU. While French is the first language of the province of Quebec and of Quebec City, English speakers will feel very much at home. All international facilities like airports, customs and trains are bilingual. As well, a major tourist destination like Quebec City is used to accommodating millions of visitors each year from the United States, the British Commonwealth countries and Latin America. The IGU conference itself will offer numerous bilingual events, with translation services offered for keynote speakers and field trips. In addition, we will attempt to accommodate Hispanic-speaking attendees by offering some translation services in Spanish for key events.

Québec city, Walking City par excellence ! 

The Convention Center is located less than 15 minutes walking from the main services and attractions.

  • 5 minutes : 1300 hotel rooms
  • 10 minutes : 2600 hotel rooms
  • 15 minutes : 3500 hotel rooms

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