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1. Canada’s Interior Sea :
Ascent of the St. Lawrence River by Sail

Marie-Pierre Guy-Dorion (Université Laval) / Voile Mercator

Places visited *
Embarkation in Quebec City by autocar for the village of Tadoussac. Stops in Cap-à l'Aigle and Kamouraska. Ports of call in Port-au-Persil, Saint-Irénée, Islet-sur-mer, the Estuary National Wildlife Area, Île aux Coudres, Isle-aux -Grues, Grosse-Île-and-the-Irish Memorial National Historic Site and the Île d'Orélans. Final destination Quebec City.
* May vary depending on wind and weather conditions.

Schedule : 2 August, 12PM to 5 August, 5PM

Capacity : 10 persons

Cost : $2022,18 CAD + applicable taxes

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2. Québec and the military : 
from “Gibraltar of America” to “Summit of Americas”


Yaïves Ferland, Int’al Conference on Military Geology and Geography (2007)

Place or route

Starting from Parliament Hill we will visit the Citadel and the Plains of Abraham in Old Quebec. We then go to the Parc des Braves in Montcalm before visiting the former parishes of Saint-Malo and Notre-Dame-de-la-Pitié. We then continue along the St. Charles River, stopping in the Saint-Roch and Saint-Jean-Baptiste neighborhoods as well as Old-Limoilou. We end at the Palais and the Place Royale. Return via the Ecolobus, line 21.

Schedule : 8 August, 12:30PM to 6:30PM Half-day

Capacity : Max 20 persons / Min 10 persons

Cost : $56,53 CAD + applicable taxes

Note Approximately 11 km walking including several climbs and descents of hills and stairways

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3. A walking tour through the Old Quebec : 
history, architecture and heritage


Étienne Berthold, Université Laval

Place or route

Historic district of Québec City

Schedule : 8 August, two departures : 1PM to 3PM (Field Excursion 3.1) / 4PM to 6PM (Field Excursion 3.2)

Capacity : SOLD OUT

Cost : $21,74 CAD + applicable taxes

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4. Wendake : Tourist destination and living environment


Caroline Desbiens, Université Laval

Place or route

Wendake: morning walk in the streets (church, residential areas, commercial core, Kabir Kouba Falls), traditional Amerindian meals in a local restaurant, First Nations Hotel-Museum, guided tour of the museum and the longhouse.

Schedule : 8 August 12PM to 6PM

Capacity : Max 45 persons / Min 25 persons

Cost : $156,56 CAD + applicable taxes

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5. A diversity of peatland landscapes : 
extraction, restoration and conservation

This tour offers the chance to visit a variety of peatland landscapes, from active peatland extraction sites, to restored sites, to non-disturbed natural sites. 

Peatland Ecology Research Group (GRET), Université Laval

Place or route
Field Excursion 5.1
 : Grande Plée Bleue

Field Excursion 5.2 : Saint-Henri Peatland

Schedule : 8 August, 12:30PM to 18PM

Capacity : Max 45 persons per Field Excursion / Min 25 persons per Field Excursion

Cost : $95,67 CAD + applicable taxes

Note : Don't forget your bug spray!

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6. Bicycle Trip along the St. Lawrence

Antoine Boisson and Guy Dorval (Université Laval)

Place or route
This 30 km bicycle excursion follows a scenic bike path from the Old Port of Quebec to the half-way point at the Quebec City Bridge. There, we cross from the North to the South Shore of the St. Lawrence, following the path to the ferry terminal connecting the ports of Lévis and Quebec City.

Schedule : 8 August, 1PM to 6PM

Capacity : Max 25 persons / Min 10 persons

Cost : $187 CAD + applicable taxes

Note : For this trip, you must be prepared to bicycle 30 km over a six-hour period. A rented bike and helmet, are included in the price of the trip.

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7. Geopoetic Walk Along the Saint-Charles River

Nicolas Lanouette, Christian Paré, Julien Bourbeau (La Traversée — atelier de géopoétique)

Place or route
Parc linéaire de la Rivière Saint-Charles (from rue du Haut-Bord to Maison Dorion-Coulombe)

Horaire : 8 August, 1PM à 6PM

Capacité : Max 25 persons / Min 10 persons

Coût : $82,63 CAD + applicable taxes

Note : This workshop will be exclusively in French.

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8. Making Landscape Heritage at Cartier-Roberval : The Historical Geography of one of North America's Oldest Colonial Sites

Marie-Claude Dionne

Place or route
Cartier-Roberval Park and Archaeological Site 
4075 Chemin St-Louis, Quebec

Schedule : 8 August, 1PM to 5PM

Capacity : Max 25 persons / Min 10 persons

Cost : $73,93 CAD + applicable taxes

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9. Mapping Québec through the Ages

Matthew Hatvany

Place or route
Centre GéoStat
Pavillon Jean-Charles Bonenfant
Université Laval

Schedule : 8 August, 1PM to 4PM

Capacity : Max 45 persons / Min 20 persons

Cost : $26,09 CAD + applicable taxes

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10. La Belle Province :
Toponymic fieldtrip in the vicinity of Québec City


Yaïves Ferland, Canadian Society for the Study of Names

Place or route

Beginning in Québec (Belvédère, Bellevue, Belmont), we cross to the South Shore going to the Beaurivage River, then to Beaumont in Bellechasse, then back to the North Shore to Beauport and Beaupré, finishing the day on the Isle d'Orléans

Schedule : 11 August, 9AM to 5 PM

Capacity : Max 45 persons / Min 25 persons

Cost : $156,56 CAD + applicable taxes

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11. The Forêt Montmorency : A close encounter with Quebec’s boreal forest


Luc Bouthillier and Louis Bélanger
Université Laval

Place or route

Forêt Montmorency

Schedule : 11 August, 9:30AM to 5:30PM

Capacity : Max 45 persons / Min 25 persons

Cost : $147,86 CAD + applicable taxes

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12. Agritourism and Rural Heritage: Gourmet Visit on the Quebec' South Shore


Nathalie Gravel, Université Laval

Place or route

Chemin de la fraîcheur, Domaine Joly de Lotbinière

Schedule : 11 August, 9AM to 7:30PM

Capacity : Max 30 persons / Min 20 persons

Cost : $313,11 CAD + applicable taxes

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13. Discover Maritme Quebec :
An Exceptional Milieu of Nature and Culture

Matthew Hatvany, Université Laval
Donald Cayer, Université Laval
Philippe Valette, Université de Toulouse

Place or route
Excursion on the North and South Shores of the St. Lawrence Estuary between Quebec, St. Joseph-de-la-Rive, Tadoussac, Les Escoumins, Trois-Pistoles, Kamouraska, and Montmagny.

Schedule : 11 August, 8:30AM to 14 August, 6PM

Capacity : Max 45 persons / Min 20 persons

Cost : $1852,58 CAD + applicable taxes

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14. Northern region dynamics : natural and cultural aspects

Najat Bhiry, Caroline Desbiens (Université Laval)

Place or route
Cree and Inuit community in Whapmagoostui-Kuujjuarapik

Schedule : 12 August, 9AM to 16 August, 6PM

Capacity : Max 20 persons / Min 15 persons

Cost : $3175 CAD + applicable taxes

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