Theme and goals

Exploring the theme Appreciating Difference, the conference encourages reflection and discussion on the diversity of landscapes, peoples, and knowledge that constitute our contemporary world and the challenges engendered by such differences. Difference is not in itself a threat, as environmental dangers, technological risks or climate change can be. Rather, difference may be viewed as a useful resource waiting to reveal its full potential. Among the reflections that could be discussed, let us mention:

  • Bridging Nature-Cultural dualisms;
  • Social dynamics within multilingual or multicultural political entities;

  • Native communities and the legacy of colonialism;

  • North-South dialogues in the 21st century;

  • Regions and regionalism in the era of globalization;

  • Critical geography and multiple ontologies;
  • Differing impacts, costs and politics of environmental and climatic change at regional and global scales;

  • Borders, Nation States and Postnationalism – reconsidering human migrations at multiple scales of analysis;

  • How language structures geography and geographical communication.